Robert Mitchum’s Very Strong Cough Mixture

Los Angeles 1974. Actor Robert Mitchum filming “Farewell My Lovely”.

“A complete misunderstanding and of course an apology will follow”
Robert Mitchum, a very well-known “tough-guy” actor grudgingly arrived at the Plaza Hotel in New York City to inform us of his latest black & white moving picture venture. Mr. Mitchum arrived “fillum-star late” and seemingly somewhat confused from what I assumed was a dose of a strong (this was 1973 and I had only recently arrived), cough-mixture.
Mr. Mitchum proceeded to inform myself and Mr. Dermot Purgavie that he didn’t like Limeys and he didn’t like folk who looked like me (somewhat long-haired and effeminate,)  On many future occasions  Mr. Purgavie made several attempts to mollify my feelings since my father was from County Kilkenny!
However, tensions eased a little when Mr. Mitchum insisted he had to share his medicine which was strangely inhaled by way of a cigarette type communal vapor.
Not a lot is recalled after the ingest of the vapors. Many days later Mr. Purgavie read his notes which included phrases such as “best shit, feckin Mexican, Hawaii, who cares.”
The attached photograph shows Mr. Mitchum making yet another moving picture in Los Angeles called “Farewell my Lovely.” Prior to my aiming my Nikon toward himself he uttered , “take your time Limey, you turning up unannounced just cost the production company ten thousand dollars!”

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