The Manhattan Correctional Center (US Spelling)

The Manhattan Correctional Center (US Spelling)

I know about this place.

Don’t get me wrong, this place is for serious offenders not for the likes of myself or the former Prime Minister the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Anthony Blair. Mr. Blair, then in his role as Shadow Home Secretary had arranged to visit and see how the US Federal Government took care during incarceration of very high-profile inmates.

Meeting with the publicity representative of the MCC (Manhattan Correctional Center) along with a gentleman from the British Embassy in Washington we were warmly welcomed to incarceration central. A cursory pr statement was delivered to myself and the future Prime Minister that no drugs, weapons or political statements would be allowed, dutifully signed ( I remember I had to borrow Mr.Blair’s pen to sign). This was around the time when the first attempt to blow up The World Trade Center and the Feds rounded up the suspects. We were shown all aspects of the MCC, likely some of those suspects were around during our visit!  At one point we all were taken to a higher floor, the lady from the Bureau of Federal Prisons, Mr. Blair, the chap from the embassy and myself. It was explained that “high-risk” inmates would be housed here. While explaining the benefits of this form of incarceration the very wide door closed (how, I do not know) a gentle ripple of alarm wormed it’s way around the newly incarcerated however easily assuaged by the soothing chuckle of the pr lady…………..until she picked up the internal phone which wasn’t connected

For a near two hours the future Prime Minister of The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and myself were “banged-up” in what was, at that time “The World’s Safest Correctional Center.” The stoic Mr. Blair took this opportunity to ask me of my journalistic history and my domestic arrangement as an exile for many years. Perhaps history has jaundiced my memory but I seem to remember a mood of indifference or perhaps ” fuck’s sake get me out of here how does one shut this fucker up!” However, it should be said that any complaints after a prison SWAT squad duly sorted things out about security from anyone and particularly Mr. Blair were not met with any of that “we don”t give a shit buddy, you could be the next fucking Prime Minister of England, see if I care” nonsense. The nice lady from the Correctional Center, after a very long period had us all released with apologies, (actually, I was expecting we would all receive vouchers for a free return visit, you know, like when you get stuck and stranded on one of those big things at pleasure parks.

The takeaway, in light of the Epstein situation and while it was some many years ago, the security, even then was pathetic.



malfunctioning lock and telephone incarcerated him and his guide he was held for nearly four hours. This incident happened four years ago. A shadow Home secretary he had been on a tour of New York police precincts and prisons. P


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