A red-eye Costa Rica tree frog. Heredia, Costa Rica 2012.

“God’s truth Gwyneth I thought it was one of them new cellulite telephones” Apparently, on St.David’s Day in Wales they eat daffodils. St. David’s Day, a pub in Wrexham, N.Wales. March 1,1968.



                   Ballybunion, Co. Kerry, 1997. A horse and rider use the shoreline for a dawn workout on the strand at Ballybunion.




                                                         Sybil Hathaway, The Dame of Sark 1968.
The lonely Island of Sark located in the Channel Island ‘chain’ of Islands was once ruled by a lady called Sybil Hathaway, legally referred to as “The Dame of Sark.” and referred as, by some as a “benevolent dictator.” Charters and Provisions drawn up in Norman times (the Dame spoke the early Norman language) the Dame ruled with recognition to the laws such as no motorized vehicle and only she, Sybil had the right o own a male dog.

St.Patrick’s Day, Dublin, Ireland March 17,1974.